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When you have a cultivation and are trying to advertise what you do to attract clientele without SEO, you’re limited when it comes to marketing options and opportunities for a lot of different reasons.

It’s especially tough since cultivations don’t have everyday direct contact like the dispensaries.

Ranking your marijuana cultivation organically on Google or other search engines is one of the few ways you can put your brand in front of consumers online.

Doing so can be difficult if you’re unsure of how to take advantage of the compounding effects of the 200 + variables that Google uses to determine page ranking when potential clients are searching for what you have to offer as a cultivation.

That’s why SEO is so important for cultivations. SEO is the process of helping your website get seen by those people that are looking on search engines looking for services like yours.

Thankfully, we specialize in building authority on search engines like Google and Yahoo with our proven methods and processes. We help you show up in the top results when your potential customers are searching for services like yours.

Why should your cultivation care about SEO?

Medical and recreational marijuana cultivation farms do not get the direct sales interaction as dispensaries. Their brand is represented by the products themselves.

That means consumers will head to search engines to answer questions budtenders didn’t know. By sharing knowledge and insight at the farming level you establish a strong authority in that section of the market.

Customers that would usually find a competitor to answer their questions will instead find you if your cultivation SEO is done properly.

This will continue to happen if you are always after trying to improve SEO and satisfy Googles algorithm

There are a lot of reasons as to why we believe that SEO is and will continue to be a vital part of your business strategy but one of the biggest reasons why is that we see a continuous up rise in the demand for good content and an ability to satisfy customers need for information online.

How do we improve SEO for cultivation farms?

We improve how cultivation farms appear on Google by anticipating and improving online content. This happens by satisfying googles algorithm while simultaneously helping the user receive the information they want to find when they want to find it on search engines such as Google

By using the data we mine from online users that Google has already gathered for us, we see what aspects about a cultivation products, processes and culture they want to consume and share.

Google offers a variety of tools to help increase the usability and authority of websites indexed on Google which over 80% of mobile internet users are using to find what they need online prior to purchase.

There is software like Google Optimize and Google Analytics that can help determine what it is exactly that your customers are looking for online when searching through your website.

Along with knowing what the users want to see, is the backside of your website that is scanned by Googles “crawlers” that look for those specific factors that I referred to at the beginning of the post in what’s called an XML file. To put it simply, the XML file is what google sees as the roadmap to your website and what each page means.

So to sum up how we improve SEO for cultivations, we combine what we know to be the information that users would like to see when searching for words or phrases that revolve around cultivations (depending on our client) with what Google’s algorithm wants to see on the back end of the website.

This is the starting point of where SEO can really start making a dramatic difference in any business’ success.

What do you get from cannabis cultivation SEO?

We take maximizing ROI seriously and are always on the lookout for better more efficient ways to help you reach your clients through search engines

Here are the services we suggest for your dispensary SEO journey:

Quarterly SEO Audit

The quarterly SEO audit is essentially there as a re-evaluation of everything that happened over the past quarter and how we can improve the results you get in return from our services.

Weekly SEO Improvement

Weekly improvements are needed to keep a consistent upward trajectory and not only keep up with competition but hopefully surpass them on search results pages.

Monthly SEO Data Analysis

Data analysis gives us the ability to dive into the why of scenarios. Why is this page ranking really high in search results? Why is this page ranking higher than another one when we have similar variables that we applied to this piece of content?

Figuring out the answer to those kinds of questions along with applying the found reasons is the core reason for SEO Data analysis.

All of our decisions for change and improvement are data backed.

We derive improvements we make from the data we collected from the prior month.

At the end of each month, we decide on how we can better those decisions and create a plan for implementation for the following 4 weeks.

The SEO Process

We start off with an evaluation of your website, where it stands on Googles search engine results in comparison to other websites and companies that are in your industry (your competition).

After we do a deep dive on the competition and their tactics along with their models across all facets of business, we find the top local businesses to see their models and compare the local models with the global ones.

This is so we can find the overlap in what we call “success patterns” which are essentially commonalities we can intuitively identify with the successful ranking of a website on search engine result pages.

This is vital to the success of our search engine optimization process, so we know exactly what to insert into the SEO game plan going forward since we know what the competition is doing (most likely nothing)

After we gather the information we need from the competitors, we dive deep into what we call personas and the different things that they would be looking for surrounding cultivations.

We use industry leading tools to find the most common searches (locally and nationally) that people look for so we can find the highest leverage points where there are a lot of searches but minimal good content surrounding that search.

SEO Audit

The second step to healthier cultivation SEO is checking (and fixing if necessary) the following: external links, internal links, meta titles, and headlines. This highlights the areas that can be used to improve your cultivation SEO the most.

This is the first deep dive we do into how Google perceives your website.

It isn’t uncommon to find that our clients usually aren’t aware that the way both the design of the website is labelled and the way the website is sectioned has a dramatic impact on the results that they show up for on Google.

This is usually an unpleasant surprise but also goes to show that there is a large opportunity for improvement.

We align both of those items (the high leverage points we found through our tools and the common “success patterns” we have seen from competition) with the fixes that need to be made on your website. This is 3 step process has proven to be the biggest compounding SEO strategy/process we have found for all of our clients.

SEO Improvement

When create wholesome content that works together with your website and it’s pages to rank your pages over competitors.

This process, like the others, takes time but with this phase we are really working our hardest to develop the highest quality content along with the necessary titles and meta tags/descriptions to boost your website.

The timeline on this process varies widely depending on our clients’ situations and there’s not ever really a definitive answer until we break down and diagnose the website to see the gaps that need to be filled.

SEO Report

Reports tell us about how your website is doing and it usually starts boosting up after about 2 weeks once Google is able to see that there have been improvements made and your site is worth showing to internet users or.

SEO reports show us a lot of different things and in general give us a lot of insight as to what’s happening and how your page is influencing the behaviour of the users coming to your website.

Reports even tell us how they got their and what words and phrases were used to find your website. It is organized and presented in a way that is easy for decision makers to process and take action on.

SEO Refinement

The final step in our process is to take information gathered from reports and make it actionable by (I’m sure you guessed it) acting on it. This is the beginning of the end of a full circle cycle of SEO.

We take the information we gathered to find exactly what users liked and disliked the most to then follow up with more content, edit posts/pages and much more.

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